Support Pig Performance With Broad Cross-Protection Against IAV-S

Ranked as one of the top 3 major herd-health challenges, influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S) can cause significant productivity losses in breeding, nursery, and finishing stages.1 In contemporary swine operations, the disease can linger for a prolonged period as it continues to find susceptible animals.2 In addition, studies show that multiple strains of IAV-S can coinfect herds simultaneously, with new, antigenically different variants emerging over time.3,4

Herd prevalence estimates indicate that IAV-S infections are endemic and widespread, with broad genetic diversity and cyclical patterns. Co-circulation of IAV-S with differing genotypes increases the challenge of implementing strategic control measures.4-6

In a year-long longitudinal study sampling 5 farrow-to-wean farms, 7 different influenza A viral groups (VGs) were identified. IAV-S isolates shown are distributed by month, viral group, farm, and subpopulation.4

Ingelvac Provenza® demonstrates broad cross-protection against the ever-evolving threat of IAV-S
Ingelvac Provenza®, the only commercially licensed live attenuated influenza A vaccine (LAIV), is also the only vaccine administered intranasally. This results in protection being conferred directly to the mucosal surface of the respiratory tract, which is the site of infection for influenza A virus.7,8 Live attenuated vaccines provide better cross-protection than inactivated vaccines because they mimic a natural infection without causing clinical disease.9 Through this, LAIVs stimulate longer-lasting cell mediated immunity in the pig.10

Recently, Ingelvac Provenza® demonstrated cross-protection against an H1N1 gamma virus, adding to the existing evidence of cross-protective efficacy of Ingelvac Provenza® against heterologous IAV-S including H1N2 gamma and H3N2 Cluster IV viruses.11

Demonstrated reduction in viral shedding11
Vaccination with Ingelvac Provenza® prior to IAV-S challenge resulted in fewer clinical signs of disease, along with a decrease in nasal shedding. Reduced shedding of IAV-S reduces transmission, and therefore clinical impact, in a population.11

† A pig was considered positive for clinical signs if the pig ever had a score ≥ 1 for sneezing, coughing, nasal/ocular discharge, respiratory signs, or behavioral signs.

‡ Pigs were euthanized at 5 days post challenge.

As assessed in 3 challenge studies, a 1-mL dose of Ingelvac Provenza® administered in neonatal pigs provided protection against heterologous IAV-S strains H3N2, H1N2, and H1N1.

Demonstrated improvement in average daily gain
In a study to assess the performance benefit of Ingelvac Provenza® on commercial, maternal antibody positive, growing pigs challenged with a contemporary H1N1 gamma virus at 10 or 15 weeks of age, significant improvement was seen in average daily gain, with vaccinates gaining 4.4 lb more than non-vaccinates for the 3 weeks following the challenge.12

Vaccinate the pig. Protect the herd.
The addition of protection against H1N1 gamma IAV supports a growing body of evidence that neonatal vaccination with Ingelvac Provenza® provides broad cross-protection against the ever-evolving risk of IAV-S, supporting pig performance from farrowing to finishing.12-14

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