The first live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) for growing pigs.

Ingelvac Provenza® is administered as a single 1-mL dose via the intranasal route in growing pigs as young as 1 day old. Following the new USDA single-tier labeling, the label reads as follows:

Healthy pigs

The science of intelligent protection

The effectiveness and safety of Ingelvac Provenza®, as demonstrated in field studies, provides the confidence to vaccinate against IAV-S as early as day one.

Demonstrated efficacy, safety, and reduction in viral shedding1

Two individual vaccination-challenge studies were performed to demonstrate Ingelvac Provenza® protects against H3N2 and H1N2 challenges.

Against heterologous H3N2 Against heterologous H1N2

As assessed in these 2 challenge studies, a 1-mL intranasal dose of Ingelvac Provenza® provided protection for pigs 1 day of age and older against heterologous IAV-S strains H3N2 and H1N2.

Proven safe for use in newborn pigs1

A vaccination study was performed under field conditions to demonstrate the safety of Ingelvac Provenza® when administered intranasally to pigs 1 day of age or older.

  • A total of 997 pigs in 3 separate locations were administered 1 mL of Ingelvac Provenza® intranasally at 1 day of age or older and observed daily for 14 days
  • At 2 sites (Missouri and Iowa), more than 90% of vaccinated pigs remained healthy for the entire observation period post vaccination
  • At the third site (North Carolina), 17% of vaccinated pigs remained healthy for the entire post vaccination period. Most observations of unthrifty pigs were related to abnormally hot and humid weather conditions and the subsequent effects on dam feed intake and lactation performance

The field study demonstrated a 1-mL intranasal dose of Ingelvac Provenza® is safe for use in pigs 1 day of age and older.

  • There was no difference between clinical signs or mortality noted in vaccinated pigs compared to nonvaccinated pigs in the farrowing room and nursery of these farms, and values were consistent with historical data
  • The investigators at each location rated the performance of Ingelvac Provenza® as safe


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