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Neonatal vaccination with Ingelvac Provenza® protects growing pigs against the ever-evolving risk of influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S).1-3

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Protects Against  the Widespread Impact Of IAV‑S On Profitability
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Meet The Experts

Industry experts share their perspectives on current trends, challenges, and control strategies to protect growing pigs from IAV‑S.

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Meet The Experts

National Hog Farmer IAV-S webinar

Take a closer look at the prevalence, impact, and current practices used to manage IAV-S in growing pigs.

National Hog Farmer IAV-S webinar Video Thumbnail Register now

The real cost of IAV-S

Hear from Dr. Johnson about performance loss and the widespread impact of IAV-S on profitability.

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Benefits of a live vaccine

Dr. Culhane discusses how to stimulate a good immune response in growing pigs.

Benefits of a live vaccine Video Thumbnail Learn about LAIV

Sow versus pig vaccination

On the fence about when to vaccinate? Dr. Lowe explains the need to protect growing pigs from IAV-S.

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A practitioner's on-farm experience

Dr. Patterson shares advice for diagnosing IAV-S, setting expectations, and measuring progress.

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Intranasal administration

A single 1-mL dose stimulates mucosal immunity at the natural site of infection.

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